WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Zalt E Liquid

This deluxe product provides you with an opportunity to refill any vaping system with the finest salt e-liquids. The Zalt E-Liquid is a natural vape juice that is designed to dispense luscious clouds that render pleasant aromas. Stay luxurious as you keep puffing on this crème-de-la-crème of a product.


The Zalt lineup is a grandiose one and we hope you won't be foolish to pass up on trying at least one product from it. With all flavors synthesized with 5%/50mg of the famous SaltNic formula, you can expect a contemporary medium bodied vaping experience from start to finish. Designed for the regular palate, you'll never have to worry about stressing out your senses with too much of a nicotine rush. Let's take a look at some popular products from the lineup.

  • Zalt E-Liquid Cool Mint Salt: Subject your senses to a cool rush with a wintry concoction that will leave your taste buds refreshed.
  • Zalt Salt eJuice Blueberry Mint: Zalt is the boss of minty berry flavors and this one is no different. Discover the pungent sweet and sour blueberry sensation with a refreshing kick.
  • Zalt Grape Salt E-Liquid:  Experience the true saccharine goodness of the grape with every puff of this delectable recipe.


Reviews stay on the positive spectrum when referencing Zalt products, mostly stating that users appreciate a flavor-rich vaping experience and the pleasant aroma that comes after it. Others respect the brand for its explicit ability to balance flavor and nicotine strength without overwhelming the senses, asserting that the vape juices are perfect for beginners. Combine the two types of positive reviews and you get a multifaceted perspective that is more than convincing when it comes to another reason to try this mouth-watering delight.


Without a doubt, Zalt is one of the kings of e-liquids. At the Ziipstock Vape Shop, you will discover a myriad amount of brands, flavors and nicotine strengths that are just as good in quality as Zalt. For the lowest prices online, look no further. Enjoy!