WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SixT Disposable Vape

The SixT Disposables are a delicious solution to your nicotine needs. With many great flavors to choose from, you won't be disappointed ever again when it comes to vaping. Turn this hobby into an art with SixT and allow your senses to indulge deep into some of the most delicious flavors available on the market.


The art of true vaping enjoyment is at your fingertips with any SixT Disposable Vape. Take delight in a medium to strong bodied nicotine salt blend that will leave your senses mesmerized. As you bathe your palate in delicious flavor, remember that each disposable holds salt e-Liquid with a weight of 6%/60mg nicotine. Let's explore some of the popular SixT flavors:

  • SixT Pineapple Disposable:  Drench your senses in a true, sweet tropical delight.
  • SixT Blue Raz Disposable: Enjoy a cool, saccharine flavor of the whitebark raspberry without overpowering your palate.
  • SixT Green Apple Mint Disposable: This product is sour but refreshing, a combination many senses would die for.


People all over the nation are switching over to SixT vape due to their hot lineup of flavorful options and relatively cheap pricing. The rumor has it that some love the flavors so much, they are reluctant to budge from SixT products. Delight yourself with the crowd that's already enjoying the goodness and see why they're enjoying every second of it.


SixT products are rich in flavors and pleasant aromas. Discover a wide variety of many different brands, flavors and strengths alongside the SixT brand at the Ziipstock Vape Shop. Enjoy the great pricing and amazing tastes at your leisure!