WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Cold Steel

Cold Steel MT6000 Disposable Vape

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The Cold Steel MT6000 Disposable Vape always guarantees an unforgettable and satisfying vaping experience. This kit has everything you need for extended vaping sessions, including 11mL of e-liquid with a nicotine dosage of 5% (50mg). The 500 mAh Type-C rechargeable battery allows up to 6,000 puffs and can be charged quickly and easily. In addition to its resistance to short circuits and overcharging, the Cold Steel Vape is equipped with an EMCT 2.0 Mesh Coil, which improves the vape's taste and cloud creation.

Cold Steel MT6000 Disposable Vape:

  • pre-filled with 11mL of eLiquid
  • 5% nicotine concentration
  • 6000 puffs
  • 500mAh Type-C recharge battery
  • mesh coil

Cold Steel MT6000 Flavors:

Blue Razz Ice: Experience the vibrant fusion of blue raspberry with a mint, icy finish.

Raspberry: Delight in the tangy and sweet notes of fresh raspberries.

Honolulu Sunset: Immerse yourself in the tropical flavors reminiscent of a Hawaiian sunset.

Pineapple Pear: Encounter a unique blend of tangy pineapple and sweet pear.

Kiwi Snow Pear: Enjoy the delightful combination of sweet kiwi and snow pear.

Watermelon Ice: Relish the refreshing watermelon flavor complemented by a cool menthol touch.

Mintz: Indulge in the classic and invigorating taste of cool mint.

Peach Ice: Savor peaches' sweet and juicy essence with a refreshing icy sensation.

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