WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Zalt Pods

Zalt compatible pods offer a great flavor variety paired with incredible quality, consistency, and value. Each Zalt pod contains 5% nicotine by weight and delivers a smooth and incredibly balanced flavor hit.


Enter Zalt, a brand popular for offering a wide variety of different Pods that are all fit to be compatible with Juul devices. Zalt Pods are a great way to stumble upon high quality vaping material that tastes impeccable, and a great way to discover and abundant amount of new flavors!


Enjoy a smooth delivery of 5%/50mg of nicotine strength with every Zalt Pod, made exclusively from a famous nicotine-salt formula. Each pod contains a satisfying 1mL of liquid. Some flavors within the range include:

  • Zalt Watermelon Menthol Pod: Enjoy a minty goodness that overlays highly desirable sweetness with every breath.
  • Zalt Blue Raspberry Pod: The simply incredible white-bark raspberry once again shows off its sugary quintessence with this juice.
  • Zalt Cool Mint Pod: Reinvigorate your senses and allow them to bask in forgetfulness from any previous flavor that has traversed their terrains.


Many people have a high respect for Zalt Pods, for they are a viable alternative to Juul devices that provide a satisfactory amount of vape juice that tastes too good to pass up. Many love to expand their perceptual horizons with Zalt because the manufacturer provides them with a whole new array of flavors on top of what the classic Juul lineup has to offer.


Discover the entire nomenclature of Juul Compatible Pods, beginning with Zalt. Zalt Pods offer a finger-licking good flavor at very low prices, alongside an undeniably immense range of popular flavors. For more brands, flavors and strength options explore the Ziipstock.