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Spotlight on Disposables: Cali BOXX Disposables

Cali Pods Disposable is one of the hottest new vapes on the market. In the wake of the FDA’s ban on most flavors of cartridges for cartridge or pod-based vaping systems, cloud enthusiasts are rushing to find an alternative before their now-obsolete devices run out of their favorite juice. For many, the new wave of disposable vapes are the right answer, offering them a similar vaping experience to their trusty Juul or 510. We carry a full range of Cali Pods Boxx flavors to give you the taste you love in an easy to use package that lets you keep chucking clouds longer.


You love big flavor, and so do we. Pod systems offered an easy, no-fill way to get great tasting clouds for a budget-friendly price in a form that was perfect for pockets and purses. Cali Boxx Disposable offers you the best parts of a cartridge system, but still offers the fun, fruity flavors cartridges can’t anymore. There’s no filling, but now you can also skip charging and cartridge swaps. The device is ready to go straight from the package and gives you about 4000 puffs of 5% nicotine concentration to get your fix in.

Cali Boxx Disposable vape


While it may be new to the disposable Air, the Cali Pods name will be familiar to many vape enthusiasts. Cali Pods were some of the most popular Juul-compatible pod alternatives for device owners who wanted to save money without sacrificing the strength or quality of their vaping experience. Cali Pods Air flavors use these same vaper-approved formulas to treat your taste buds with every inhalation. Featuring a bold flavor profile that finishes smooth and creates respectable clouds that smell amazing, you won’t be disappointed.

Cali BOXX Vape


If 600 puffs sounds like a lot, it is. The Cali Pods BOXX Disposable delivers about twice the capacity when compared with the 600 puffs commonly seen from most disposable vapes. This is in part due to the larger device. The approximate size of several credit cards stacked atop each other, this design remains pocket friendly while keeping you in clouds from the office to the club and back again.


Our customers know they can count on us to deliver the vaping gear and supplies they need to vape their way. We’ve built our business on keeping ahead of the curve and delivering high quality at a low cost with the fastest shipping possible. If you have any questions about the Cali Pods Air Disposable, contact our customer service pros for additional information.

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