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NKD 100 EJuice Flavor Guide

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Since their 2016 launch, Naked 100 has been a major player on the vaping scene. Their award winning flavors are pretty much a slam dunk across the board. Located in Southern California, their parent company USA Vape has had notable success with their traditional Naked 100 Ejuice line and their NKD 100 Nic Salts.

NKD 100 Salts

Today we are going to take a look at the regular Naked 100 Ejuice family and their most recent batch of name changes. If you want a run-down of their nic salt offerings, check out our comparison test: VGod versus Salt NKD 100. If you want a list of the recent name changes and a brief overview, here is a link to our NKD 100 Salt Flavor Guide.

If you know what you are looking for, check out our wide selection of NKD 100 Salts. We also carry a wide range of competitors. If you vape nic salts, we have the perfect ejuice for you. For those who still prefer the convenience of disposable vapes, no one has a wider selection.

And if you are former prefilled vape pod user or a disposable vape fan, bottled ejuices are a much better price performer with amazing flavor options.

NKD100 EJuice Flavor Guide

Naked 100 EJuice

Nic salts may be all the rage but smooth, high VG ejuices deliver an unparalled level of satisfaction and flavor. Cloud chasers who are not interested in the elevated nicotine levels of nic salts will find plenty to appreciate in the Naked 100 Ejuice lineup.

These juices are perfect for the users of box mods and deliver the sort of rich flavor that a low-power refillable vape pod cannot. A 70 percent VG blend is the backbone of Naked 100 Ejuices, provided sweetness and sumptuous clouds rich in flavor and depth. The exact flavor profiles that adult vapers prefer.

Strawberry Pom Naked 100 EJuice

Brain Freeze Naked 100, a legendary and beloved flavor, is now known as Strawberry Pom. This exotic fruit and menthol flavor is an alluring and delightful all day vape. Pomegranate, kiwi, strawberry and cold ice menthol provide a balanced profile which helped lead the way to the current generation of Lush Ice nic salts. These flavors work even better in this 70 VG cloud chucking formula, which remains among the top fruit-menthol vapes on the market.

Fusion Lemon Naked 100 Ejuice

Naked 100 E-Juice captures the pleasant pucker of eating a handful of gummy sweet and sour candy with the juice once known as Sour Sweet Naked 100 e-liquid. Now known as Fusion Lemon, this a straightforward flavor profile creates a delicious mix of sugar-specked lemon lime candy with a subtle bit of of a sour bite that follows as you inhale. The sweet and tart taste tangos on your tongue as you exhale Sour Sweet vape juice and the sparkle of lemon and lime leaves a yummy aftertaste. Snag a bottle of Sour Sweet E-Juice today to satisfy your candy cravings. Brain Freeze Naked 100, a legendary and beloved flavor, is now known as Strawberry Pom. This exotic fruit and menthol flavor is an alluring and delightful all day vape. Pomegranate, kiwi, strawberry and cold ice menthol provide a balanced profile which helped lead the way to the current generation of Lush Ice nic salts. These flavors work even better in this 70 VG cloud chucking formula, which remains among the top fruit-menthol vapes on the market.

Lava Flow Naked 100 Ejuice

The Lava Flow name is unchanged and the great flavor remains constant as well. The tropical tastes of pure strawberry and succulent pineapple blend together like the dreamy red and gold colors of a Hawaiian sunset. Add a generous sprinkling of coconut shavings and your tastebuds will think you’re sipping on a tall frozen cocktail.

Lava Flow On Ice Naked 100 EJuice

Lava Flow on Ice e Juice brings the same great flavor of Lava Flow Naked 100, a top-selling e Juice, but adds a hint of refreshing mint to your vape juice. Lava Flow on Ice combines a hint of menthol flavor with the original strawberry, pineapple, and coconut flavors. The name and the flavor are unchanged.

Mango Naked 100 EJuice

Fruit lovers have long enjoyed Naked 100 E-Juice’s Amazing Mango E-Liquid, which tastes like a creamy blended mango smoothie blended from fresh fruits. This sumptuous vape juice has a straightforward flavor profile that combines the smooth taste of fresh mango with the essence of sliced peaches and a touch of cream to top it all off.

The name has been changed to just “Mango” but it is still just as amazing.

Melon Naked 100 EJuice

Once known as Frost Bite and later Polar Breeze, the ejuice simply known as Melon Naked 100 blends sweet honeydew melons, cantaloupe and slices of tangy pineapple with a splash of ice cool menthol. Don’t be fooled by the pared down name. This is the same delicious taste that vapers know and love.

Really Berry Naked 100 EJuice

Under the name Very Berry Naked 100 Ejuice, this mixed berry and lemon ejuice was long a cornerstone of Naked 100’s stacked ejuice lineup. Blueberry, blackberry and raspberry flavors are buoyant and plentiful. A bit of lemon finish makes this a great all day vape.

Straw Lime Naked 100 EJuice

You may know this ejuice as Berry Belts Naked 100 EJuice. Now called Straw Lime, it is a bit easier to determine the fantastic flavor profile just by reading the label. The strawberry citrus flavor is strong on inhale and tart on inhale. The berry notes still belt you right in the taste buds.

Strawberry Naked 100 EJuice

The ejuice formerly known as Yummy Gum and Triple Strawberry has been a new conservative name and label. But the strawberry flavor blast is still there. The original “gum” name evoked a chewing gum flavor but this ejuice has a lot more flavor staying power than any gum yet designed. It is bright and tasty from start to finish. The sun kissed strawberry flavor is positively enchanting and extra kick of bubble gum tartness makes this an amazingly sophisticated and delicious fruit ejuice.

Maui Sun Naked 100 EJuice

Maui Sun E-Juice tastes like someone took the perfect Hawaiian sunrise and bottled it for your vaping pleasure. Pineapple, orange and tangerine flavors give this ejuice the true essence of Hawaiian tropical fruit flavors. This authenticity of flavor may explain why Naked 100 Ejuice held the line with this ejuice when changing so many others. The inhale comes on strong with the bright taste of pineapple underscored with sweet, juicy orange. As you reach the top of the inhale, you can taste notes of tangerine zest that adds an invigorating edge as you start to exhale this intoxicating e-liquid blend.

Hawaiian POG Naked 100 EJuice

Pomegranate, orange and guava flavors. The beverage they merge into is called POG. And this name is applied to this classic from Naked 100 Ejuice. No need to change the name. Or the flavor. A perfect fruity vaping delight. Exactly the type of flavor profile the majority of adult vapers prefer.

Hawaiian POG On Ice Naked 100 EJuice

Hawaiian POG On Ice is the type of flavor generally associated with nic salts. But fruit and menthol works just as well in the thick, flavorful clouds of a high-VG ejuice. The same fantastic pomegranate, orange and guava flavors as are found in Hawaiian POG Naked 100 are there. But the icy sheen of cool menthol adds a new element which balances and tempers the sugary and tart notes.

All Melon Naked 100 EJuice

When Naked 100 says “All Melon”, they mean all melons. That includes the honeydew, a fruit reviled in salads and loved by vapers, ripe cantaloupe and juicy watermelon. A nice mix of sweet and sour flavors, ripeness and sugary flavor, this is a quality fruit vape.

Cuban Blend Naked 100 EJuice

Most of the ejuices listed above have two things in common. The first is that they are the kind of fruity and bright ejuice flavors that most adults prefer. And the second is that this style of ejuice has a huge target on its back. This despite they fact that Naked 100 Ejuices are optimized for the decidedly kid unfriendly box mod and are lower in nicotine.

If the future of vaping is free from the bright and complex flavors that adults prefer, then there are some good tobacco ejuices out there. And of course, a minority of adult vapers does prefer tobacco ejuices. And for these vapers, Cuban Blend Naked 100 is a great alternative. Striking a nice balance between flavor and cloud production, Cuban Blend is satisfying and authentic. It leans towards medium rather than full flavor but is a quite realistic take on the flavor of a combustible cigarette.

American Patriots Naked 100 EJuice

Naked 100 E-Juice is famous for its pure, unadulterated flavors. Their American Patriots Tobacco E-Liquid is unparalleled with its clean, robust tobacco flavor. Inspired by the taste of pure Virginia and burley tobacco leaves, this Naked 100 Tobacco e-juice tastes like smoking a freshly rolled cigarette back in the days of the Wild West. Since it’s a high-VG blend (65 VG/35 PG), American Patriots e-juice will veil you in curls of tobacco smoke like an outlaw playing cards in a crowded saloon. The high-VG ratio makes the throat hit gentle, but the strong flavor hits you will an oh-so slightly sweet and spicy tobacco essence on the inhale that crests to a full, smoke exhale. This Naked 100 Tobacco vape juice is a great option for former smokers who are starting to use mods and it’s also a perfect change of pace for avid vapers who usually choose dessert and fruit e-liquids.

Grab a 60 ml bottle of Naked 100 American Patriots Tobacco E-Liquid and keep it in your holster for when it’s time to vape (at sundown or whenever!)

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