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The Best Valentines for Vapers

The Best Valentines for Vapers

Ahhhh, Valentine’s Day has arrived. If you’re like me, you tried on purpose to forget it was happening. Or maybe you accidentally forgot that it was happening. Whatever the case, don’t worry, vape fam. I got you all something. Do you love someone who loves vaping? Do you lust after someone who lusts after coil builds and new e-juice blends. I channeled the cleverness of a clueless cupid with the sonnetry of a somewhat buzzed William Shakespeare to bring you the best, most cheesiest Valentines for vapers.

When your Valentine needs a hint: 


For the old-school vaper: 


When you’re only interested in one thing. And that one thing is vaping: 




If it’s a ring, I am NOT going to be happy: 


Friends forever-er, which is longer than forever. 


I feel your pain, bro: 


Double entendre much? 


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