WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

NKD 100 eJuice

Challenge your senses to the embrace of clearly the tastiest available salt E-Liquids on the market, sporting a wide variety of flavor-filled options underpinned by high quality recipes. NKD100 features products that tantalize the palate without overriding its sensual threshold. If you're looking to widen your preferential range, explore this goodness!


Ask your senses this: Would you like to explore new flavors and stumble upon new ways to experience sensual pleasure? If they say yes, then this medium bodied heavenly deliciousness is the answer. You get the best of both worlds; a mixture of delectably balanced flavor with a fair nicotine salt punch that is made from popular formulas. Here are some options NKD100 offers your senses:

  • NKD100 SALT CUBAN BLEND E-LIQUID: Relish in the world of premium cigar flavors without contaminating your senses with smoke.
  • NKD100 SALT BRAIN FREEZE E-LIQUID: This flavor is endowed with the richness of the chilled vapor, performing miracles on your senses.
  • NKD100 SALT LAVA FLOW E-LIQUID: From pineapples to strawberries, this is the harvest to look forward to when embracing the starter kit to its fullest.


Popular among the younger generation, many have stated that the new NKD100 flavors deliver to the senses every single preference they desire. To them, the featured flavors are like love at first sight, featuring a grandiose variety of options to explore the mystery within. There are no complaints about quality either, for each NKD100 product is made with only the best ingredients.


From a wide variety of flavorful options to an amiable price point, there is no reason to complain about the delicious NKD100 salt eLiquids. Explore other brands, flavors and strengths at your leisure at the Ziipstock online store and find that no one else can compare. If you're looking for the richest options available for the most modest prices, look no further!