WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ziip Pods

Ziip pods are designed from the ground up to be the best alternative to existing Juul pods and flavors. Providing a unique selection of flavors, Ziip pods are the best way to expand your current Juul flavor collection and try out something new. Whether you're looking for something traditional or a bit more exotic and fruity, Ziip pods by Ziip Labs have you covered.


ZiiP Lab are dedicated to creating the best possible flavor blends for popular pod systems, and are best known for their range of JUUL Compatible Pods. Infused with nicotine salts for a smooth, powerful vape and available in a range of nicotine strengths, ZiiP pods are an affordable way to try out an even wider range of flavors with your JUUL.


Standard ZiiP Pods come in 50mg nicotine strengths. All ZiiP pods have a nicotine salt formula, delivering a satisfying, smooth vape even at higher nicotine strengths.

Popular ZiiP Pods Flavors:

  • ZiiP Cappuccino: a deliciously frothy and unique flavor, Cappuccino is the perfect way to start your day.
  • ZiiP Mango: one of the most popular fruit flavors going, Mango pods by ZiiP are full of exotic, juicy flavor.
  • ZiiP Mint: fresh and authentic. ZiiP Mint pods are the perfect choice for keeping you feeling cool.
  • ZiiP Strawberry Milk: creamy and fruity in equal measure, ZiiP Strawberry Milk is great for dessert lovers.
  • ZiiP Tobacco: a smooth and smoky tobacco flavor, ZiiP Tobacco is a classic choice.
  • ZiiP Watermelon: a juicy, natural flavor that's refreshingly summery. 


ZiiP pods are popular with JUUL owners looking for extra flavor options to use with their vaporizer. ZiiP pods have opened up a whole new world of flavor in the pod market!


Discover the full range of Juul compatible pods, starting with Ziip Pods. Remember you can enjoy FREE shipping on all orders over $20, and you can always find more flavors, brands, and options at the Ziip Stock Vape Shop.