WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vuse Solo

Capture the essence of deliciousness with VUSE SOLO, a one of a kind lineup of many different fresh flavors contained within pods that boast a premium design. From ergonomics to a high-tech blueprint, the SOLO is without a doubt the manifestation of the future when it comes to the art of vaping.


If you're the type that never settles for less, then this product should be your solo choice. The VUSE SOLO is worth discovering, for it features a fair and balanced 4.8%/48mg nicotine strength that bestows upon the senses a medium bodied journey of vaping from start to finish. Here are some classic examples of popular products:

  • VUSE SOLO VAPE STARTER KIT: Deliver the balanced punch of medium bodied goodness to the doorstep of your senses via the perfect medium.
  • VUSE SOLO NECTAR PODS: The honeyed nectar flavor boasts a tasty replacement to dessert with every puff; do you dare to explore?
  • VUSE SOLO MINT PODS: The one flavor that beats the leading minty gum is now featured in the VUSE SOLO lineup. Don't pass up on this experience.


Others are simply ecstatic. They cannot help maintaining a cheerful attitude thanks to VUSE SOLO's flavorful nomenclature, which offers a variety of options that satisfy different taste preferences. Anyone looking to experience something that transcends the basics goes for the legendary VUSE SOLO products.


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