WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Featuring a splendid design that boasts perfect ergonomics, the VOZOL D1 Disposable Pod is a creation of the future incarnating in present times. This product allows for vaping in style, all without a physical button thanks to an activation by drag.

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Immerse yourself in a world of options featuring either NAKED 100 SaltNic flavors, or VOZOL's own traditional blends that fail to fall short of expectations. With a capacity that is equivalent to twenty cigarettes, these disposable pods feature roughly 250 puffs of delectably flavored segments of vapor. With a lineup that delivers, it's now time to uncover what is in store for your senses once you put your lips on VOZOL's sleek body:

  • VOZOL D1 ICED MANGO - Discover the pleasure behind a tropical flavor that is sparkled with wintry essences in order to fully immerse your palate in the sensation of dessert.
  • VOZOL D1 Disposable AMERICAN TOBACCO - Mirror your experience with the traditional smoke stick, but in a fashionable and trendy new way: the one devoid of combustion.
  • VOZOL D1 Pod Device SALT NKD100 HAWAIIN POG - From the saccharine passion fruit, to the tart orange and back to the sweet and pungent guava, prepare your entire sensual structure for the ultimate arousal.
  • VOZOL D1 SALT NKD100 BRAIN FREEZE - Entertain your wildest imagination with the amalgamation of tart, yet gently sweet goodnesses topped off with a cool menthol breeze; kiwi, strawberry and the notorious pomegranate.


Reviewers have been raving about their opportunity to finally introduce their senses to something brand new. They enjoy the inexpensive, yet qualitative summation of VOZOL's build and rich flavors because of its experimentation with the combination of different fruits and berries in the most perfect of ways. Plus, rumors on the street are saying that more followers have subscribed to the company's profile and stated that their addition of the famed NKD100 flavors has converted them for good.


The factor of convenience and delicious taste is absolutely present with the introduction of VOZOL products. Discover its lineup alongside many other disposables available on our online vape shop, Ziipstock. If you're looking to save big and treat your senses to bliss, look no further!