WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Eonsmoke Stik Disposable

The incredible pinnacle of the summation of all top notch vaping experiences is now at your fingertips with the glistening design of the Eonsmoke Disposables. From flawless ergonomics to the inherent ease of use, one simply cannot go wrong with this high quality, well priced masterpiece.

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This lineup allows you to discover what high SaltNic strengths really mean. Alternating between 6.8%/68mg and 7%/70mg nicotine salts every Eonsmoke Disposable has a unique taste to strength ratio. Let's see what they have to offer:

  • Eon Stik Blueberry Disposable Pod Device:  Enjoy the essence of the slightly subtler, yet perfectly powerful 68mg SaltNic formula as it allows the delicious blueberry to caress your palate.
  • Eon Sour Gummy Disposable Pod Device:  At 70mg, brace your senses for a world of rollercoaster rides. With a delicious fruit snack flavor, you'll get the strongest wave of nicotine you've conceived of.
  • Eon Stik Citrus Disposable Pod Device:  Enjoy a harsher smoke of 6.8% SaltNic, manifesting as a bittersweet essence of the citrus.


Preferences have skyrocketed when people found out about the strong Salt Nic potencies. From flavors to strengths, robust palates from all over the world have flocked to experience the legend of the Eonsmoke Disposables. This time around, we urge you to be one of the others.


From strong flavors to delicious blends, Eon Pod Disposables continue to reign alongside other brands, flavors and strengths that have recently been captivating the attention of the consumer. Come check out the nomenclature of many different options at the Ziipstock online store for yourself. It's time to see where quality and generous pricing intersect!