WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Aqua Salts

Attain sensual enlightenment with the satisfying nomenclature of delicious e-liquids available at your disposable thanks to AQUA. With this manufacturer, you will be able to finally take those nights off to enjoy a long vaping session without breaking the bank. Fill your favorite device with a truly professionally blended delicatessen that will bestow a premium, medium bodied vaping session every single time.


This e-liquid is designed to render thick clouds of sensual wonders with every inhalation. No matter what device you choose to use, you will be endowed with a truly flavorful experience every single time. Here are some of AQUA's wonderful flavors:

  • AQUA ICE SOUR MELON Enjoy the hybrid between sweetness and sourness with this true tropical delight.
  • AQUA eLiquid FLOW:  From the pungent pineapple and guava, all the way to the sweet mango, you can continue to relish in a true tropical delight.
  • AQUA eJuice OASIS:  The saccharine mixture of peaches, cantaloupes and papayas will sprinkle your senses with true wonders.


If it weren't for AQUA, not many people would be too inspire to take up vaping. True dessert lovers take absolute pleasure in puffing on the company's combinations of fruits, thanks to their impeccable blending capabilities. Lovers of the milder experience also don't pass up on the opportunity to use their devices with AQUA, for their e-liquid delivers every single time. What are you waiting for? Happiness is just a click away!


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