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Vaping makes you sexy...


Recently, I was on Facebook looking up some vaping stuff and I found a page about girls who vape, and I got really stoked. Two reasons: 1. I am a girl and I like seeing that I am not alone in the vaping world, and 2. I saw how sexy vaping can be!

First of all, I notice right away a comparable difference between when I meet people when they smoke and later when they start to vape. Last year, for instance, I met a guy in my psychology class. First day outside of class, he starts bumming for cigarettes while he is hitting on me. I guess in a way, it was kind of unattractive that he was bumming cigarettes while hitting on me, but him smoking really was a turn off as well. Let's just say, I never gave him my number. Even though he was an attractive guy, there was just something about him smoking that really grossed me out. Next quarter, the other day actually, I ran into him and he had a mechanical mod and I immediately noticed a physical difference. His skin had cleared, his teeth were lightened, and he even sounded better. His voice was even lighter and cleaner. It was so refreshing and attractive.

I have a great girl friend that stopped smoking and started vaping, and she was telling me about how it has changed her view of herself. 'There were those awkward moments where I would be smoking in a designated area and I would look around me and notice that I was disrupting people. I felt judged, then and it wasn't a good feeling. When I started vaping, all of that changed. Not only could I do it safely and with less scrutiny, but I saw noticeable changes with my health and appearance.'

Vapor Sexy Girls

She later on went to tell me, that just like my friend from school, her skin had lightened, her breath was a lot better smelling, and her teeth had gotten noticeably lighter. 'Vaping was really a boost to my self esteem. Not only did I feel better physically, but it changed my views on life mentally as well. I felt healthy and strong because I knew that I had the power to finally quit. Is there a better boost to your self esteem than that?'

Along with the obvious physical effects, you have to consider the not so visual effects as well. For instance, have you ever walked into someone's house that vapes? Coming from a person who works at an online vape store, I know that where I work is going to always smell heavenly and the same goes for vapers as well! Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can smell cigarettes on a smoker? With vaping, even if you can smell the juice, it smells fragrant and fresh.

Vaping sexy girl


There has to be a reason, besides being a healthy alternative, why people have turned to vaping as a life style. There are other options to quit smoking, and yet I see more and more people pick it up each day. We get questions on it all the time from people that never actually smoked consistently that just want to pick it up for the 'fashion' purpose of it. I really honestly believe, and correct me if I'm wrong, that vaping is a sexy fashion trend that people are magnetized towards. I mean look at the picture above... how is that not sexy?

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