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Troubleshooting Your Vape: Vape Battery Won't Charge

A vape battery that won’t charge will keep you from enjoying your vaping sessions. If your battery won’t charge, your coil can’t heat, and no vapor will be created -- which can put a real damper on your vape! Understanding the reasons behind this issue and what you can do to avoid them will help you keep the clouds flowing.


Most realize their vape battery won’t charge when they try to use their vape and it won’t fire. While this can sometimes point to a charging issue, it’s important to eliminate other causes first. Start by trying to turn on your vape. While it seems simple, as with any electronic device, turning it off and back on can help identify if there’s an actual issue with the battery or simply a user error that prevented its function.

Troubleshooting Vape Battery


Still not working? When a vape battery won’t charge, there could be a lot of contributing factors, but some are more common than others. From user error to the wrong equipment, sometimes the answer is as easy as brushing up on the manufacturer’s recommendation or swapping out one piece of equipment for another. Eliminating the common issues outlined below can help you get to the root of the problem faster so you can get back to vaping.

  • Adapter Issues: Many vapes are charged using an adapter and cord similar to those used for cell phones. While this can be convenient, if the adapter you’re using doesn’t deliver enough power, it can lead to poor charging and start-up issues later on. To make sure you have the most powerful vape pod device possible, always use the adapter included with your vape to ensure you’re getting the right amount of amps for your device.
  • Cord Problems: Charge cords wear out -- it’s just a part of life. If your vape won’t start up, it may be time to get a new cord. When shopping for new cords, make sure to purchase one that’s made for your device. Other cords may not be made to the same high standards as the one included with your vape. If your vape battery won’t charge suddenly, try swapping out your power cord for one you know works well.
  • Not Properly Plugged In: We’ve all thought a device was plugged in only to find that the adapter was not pushed in all the way. Make sure you check both the cord where it enters your device or battery’s charge port and where it enters the adapter. A loose connection in either area could cause charging issues.
  • Insufficient Contact: If your device has a removable battery, the issue could be where it attaches to the device. Remove your battery and verify all contact points are clean and free of debris. When reassembling, do your best to make sure these contact points line up with each other on both the battery and the device.
  • Bad Battery: Like cords, sometimes batteries wear out, and this could be why your vape battery won’t charge. Batteries are created by the flow of electrons from one ionically charged post to another. This is a delicate chemical balance that, over time, can degrade and shorten your vape battery life. While modern manufacturing produces batteries that are generally reliable, sometimes there are issues. Refer to your manufacturer’s warranty or purchase a replacement from your vaping retailer.


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