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The world of Vuse Alto Pods flavors

Juul and their planet of Juul compatible pods aren't the only ones running the gold mines. The up and coming Vuse Alto is redefining the industry in its own perspective and based on consumer outlooks they must be doing something right. The world of Vuse Alto flavors is getting bigger and better and today we will explore what the new hype is about.

Yes, we know how popular the Vuse Alto Pods Mixed Berry or Menthol has become recently, along with the rest of their authentic lineup. Rolling in at 5.0% nicotine, many have become accustomed to the even balance of strength and flavor of the regular Alto Pods. Holding 1.8mL of e-liquid, the second biggest reason many fall head over heels when it comes to the products themselves is of course the gigantic liquid capacity. However, Vuse is a company of constant progress so they added something new to the traditional lineup. Let's explore...

This time around, Vuse tried something new. They decided to switch it up with their all new authentic Mint pods by appealing to gentler palates with an especially tender 2.4% SaltNic formula. Unlike competitors, which thrive off of Pods compatible with their setup but are not deemed authentic, Vuse's views are all about making their Pods and juices in house. This is why you'll never see compromises on quality, consistency or flavor unlike other brands. Their delectable 2.4% Mint pods are the flashlight that shines upon a new path before other flavors are introduced. Featuring a soothing, smooth flavor with every pull that allows for a gentler vaping experience, these Vuse Alto Mint Pods are the best choice for beginners and those that know what good vapor should taste like. But wait, there's one more thing we forgot to mention...


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They changed the packaging? Vuse Alto has done it right once again with their introduction to the 2.4mg nicotine strength, but we already knew that. Apparently that wasn't enough, however. Their new pods are ensconced in a beautiful box with printed and polished sides, that boasts a luxurious blueprint emulating opulent, modern packaging. Let's face it, Vuse products were never shipped in cheap containers; however, their new Mint flavors are definitely a step above from their other products. See for yourself what they're coming out with and perhaps you'll take a peek into their vision on the future of vaping.

Easy to use, easy to enjoy. VUSE Alto is our highest performing vapor system. With magnetic QuickConnect pods that easily lock into place.

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