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All about AIR BAR by Suorin

Herein lies the modern tale of The Three Musketeers, transmogrified into a trifecta of succulent delights that fight to bestow justice upon the palates of today's progressive, 'new age' nicotine consumers (is the word 'vaper' in Merriam-Webster's dictionary, yet?). These three illustrious products are sensual swordsmen, in a personified, metaphorical sense. Upon every draw from these inexplicably delectable, divinely succulent disposable electronic cigarettes, the vaper's preconceived belief structures shatter to pieces like a broken chandelier, composed of the finest flint glass. These preconceived notions deserve the ultimate admonition, for they have been set in place by inferior competitors, unworthy of mention in this exposition on the truth about the Heroes of disposable electronic cigarettes. So, as your mouth begins to water, perhaps it commences to inquire, 'Who are the Three Musketeers of the vaping industry?'

Suorin's Luscious Air Bar:

The Crux 

It is no longer a rumor that Suorin's Air Bar is a wild beast among the tamed, featuring an altogether different take on e-cigarette design when compared to what everyone has gotten used to. Its sleek edges and ergonomic frame allow for one to draw the vapor in style, gasconading about how far the technological progression of the vaping industry has come, indebted to the impeccable Air Bar. Suorin has yet again dressed its Air Bar to impress, veneering a 400mAh battery in a stylishly irresistible structure. Featured in a spectrum of eye-striking colors and a bouquet of rich tasting flavors, this product is imbued with 1.8mL of e-liquid in order to satisfy the inscrutable depths of the common man's cravings. 

The Father Figure 

Suorin's Air Bar is the father figure of the Three Musketeers of vaping. We gave our clients an opportunity to skim through what the disposable itself offers, and their expectations were transcended. When the opinions were in, we stacked them up against other products of similar designs to see where they fall in the overall equation reflecting the vaping industry. Here, everything from flavor quality to vapor thickness was subjected to judgement in ways where the discernment powers of prospective customers had a chance to get exposed to the highest possible probability of bias elimination. So, we get that many liked the Air Bar, but what was the ultimate verdict?

Here is where we get started. In a world of many different choices of electronic cigarettes, how does one come about making his or her initial decision? Is it based upon the recommendation of a friend or research boasting the highest performing technological specifications? Is it an ad that gets into the subconscious mind through repetitive exposure or is it one's true use of free will? In the case of Suorin's Air Bar, the love many had shared for the swift design and electrifying color schemes of the original non-disposable Suorin e-cigarette eventually allowed it to become a staple in the vaping community. With the transition of the times and modifications of legal codices, consumers were required to adjust their preferences and start partially anew,  from a pool of options imbued with the freedom of choice. Having opted into selecting from a lineup of lavish designs and mouth-watering flavors, people were given the opportunity to circumvent choice constriction (as the nationwide ban would have had otherwise effectuated) and once again experience privilege. This smooth move on Suorin's part to impart a wide selection to the vaping community without compromising quality has kept them afloat to the point where people from all over the country were able to abandon their obsession with refillable e-cigarettes and once again fall head over heels with Suorin's new branding: the Air Bar. If the Air Bar is not in step with the times, then we don't know what is! When an opulent freedom of choice constricts the consciousness of a human being into an option between two flavors, sadness overcomes him or her. They feel as though their freedoms have been usurped and they are unable to express their individuality like they could before. When many formerly popular manufacturers were condemned, Suorin kept moving forward. Their incredible ability to display their commitment to their clients has been deemed unprecedented, much in the same way as a father shows to his children. And in the same way, the original Air Bar has been the founding father that gave way to the Air Bar Lux and Air Bar Diamond. However, before we discuss that topic, allow us to turn inward and contemplate over why the Air Bar is the father among the Three Musketeers. In order to improve our contemplation, let's take a look from the vantage point of fatherhood. 

The Air Bar is the father 

'You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they’ll turn out to be heroes, even if it’s just in your own eyes.' –Walter M. Schirra, Sr.

When Suorin was left in solitude to make the decision of whether or not it will continue pumping out unblemished, genius-inspired products, they kept pushing boundaries and limitations. They delighted themselves in their adamancy to persevere as they went on to make a killing in the production of successful disposable electronic cigarettes. So, why does that make their Air Bar 'the father'? It started the trend of offering 500 puffs per life cycle, leaving behind the legacy of long lasting disposables. This legacy has redefined the perspective on people's limited views of disposables and allowed them to envision what the technology could be like. Fatherhood is associated with the birth of new ideas, and Suorin did just that by setting a new standard for all non-refillable vaping products. Another aspect besides the large amount of puffs you get to experience with the Air Bar is the draw factor. Without having to have a single concern for being subjected to burnt hits, you get true quality per every single draw with an incredible consistency that few other disposables on the market can match. With all of the aforementioned positives, we would have to make the claim that the Air Bar is indeed the parent of advanced quality and build technology among the vaping community. It sets a standard with a high desire for emulation, and its quintessential delivery of impeccable flavor variations and stunningly gorgeous looks make it easy for it to be idolized by the masses. 

The Flavors:

  • Watermelon Candy - A sweet, honeyed refreshment
  • Watermelon Ice - Sweet and refreshing essence of greatness 
  • Sour Apple - Kick your senses alive for good
  • Mango - Enjoy a sweet, tropical goodness
  • OMG - Awaken all aspects of your senses at once 
  • Lychee Ice - A sweet and revitalizing delectability 
  • Hami Melon Ice - Enjoy a delicious sweetness coupled with a refreshing wintry mix
  • Peach Lemon - The fruity version if the famous sweet and sour 
  • Banana Pineapple - From sweet to tart, this flavor does not give up
  • POP - Pineapple, orange, peach targets every aspect of the palate 
  • Cucumber - The ultimate refresher is here for you
  • Strawberry Lemon - The essence of the sweet and sour will embellish your senses for good 
  • Cool Mint - Revitalize your senses once and for all 
  • Strawberry Watermelon - This is the epitome of saccharine refreshments 
  • Banana Ice - Pure sweetness over a refreshing kick 
  • Blueberry Ice - Berrylicious wonder coupled with a revitalizing wave of freshness 
  • Peach - Tropical grace of delectable sweetness
  • Pink Lemonade - Olden recipe of sweet and sour infusions 
  • Pineapple Ice - Tart, sweet and refreshing all in one 
  • Mango Strawberry - Relish in two different types of sweet
  • Cherry Cola - Puff on your favorite soda, with a tart overlay 
  • Grape Ice - Enjoy a sweet refreshment 
  • Strawberry Kiwi - It's tart with a kick of mild sweetness 

Suorin's Delectable Air Bar Lux:

The Crux

'What's a hero if not for its journey?' - J. H. Wyman

The original Air Bar carried on its shoulders the duty of the wayshower, the obligation of the father. But setting a high standard does not come without its consequences. People demanded more. And this is where the Air Bar Lux was given birth to as a byproduct of a project designed to outlast competitors in the field, thanks to popular demand. What was their approach when beating 'the father'? Let's start with the design. The Air Bar Lux boasts an intricately shaped, translucent rubber flap, whose blueprint molds its essence into a luxuriously built solid frame. Designed to stand out, this gorgeousness features an ostentatious veneer and an easy to use vapor generating system. Its build gives way to setting an example for the rest: you don't always have to follow the crowd. Sometimes you need to diverge and become your own hero, and that is exactly the example set by the Air Bar Lux. It's the hero, whose father is the predecessor. It is the hero that has evolved electronic cigarettes for good, featuring 2.7mL of e-liquid in its incredibly beautiful extended chassis. 

The Dawn of Good Luck

If your e-cigarette could push out 1000 puffs and make you have to look up the word 'refillable' in the dictionary because you forgot about the banned products for good, wouldn't you start making commitments to keep on chasing the puff from that product? 'That product' being your new vice, your go-to for all your cravings and stress reductions, it is easy to get lost in the desire realm when it comes to the expertly crafted Air Bar Lux. Enter the dawn of good luck, where the horizon glistens in beautiful opportunities for you to embark on a vaping experience of a lifetime. Forget about pesky, outdated designs and bodies leaking with the expensive e-juice you just purchased. The no-leak design sponsored by this product will keep its luxuriously looking architecture as good as new up until the very last puff. Drown yourself in an ocean of real-tasting flavors, which emulate what they're designed to mimic to the tee. Your senses will enter an inescapable realm of delectable sensations, as you embark on a sensual journey of everlasting bliss. That is, as long as you keep puffing your favorite Air Bar Lux flavor and don't plan on stopping. 

Is it really a Hero?

Well, more so yes than no. The Air Bar Lux, however, isn't infallible. Actually, no hero is. Its downfalls and imperfections are exactly what make it a hero, for those looking up to it know exactly what they're battling with. And that is the fact that competitors will eventually catch up. After the original Air Bar, the father, set a standard of gold, its son, the prodigal hero, had to beat the new bar out by two times. And sooner or later, some manufacturer will come out with an e-cigarette that allows for 2000 puffs. But until then, we can only dream and contemplate over futuristic possibilities. For now, the Air Bar Lux is our hero. 

The Flavors:

  • Blueberry Raspberry - Enjoy the sweet and tart spirit 
  • Strawberry Watermelon - Sweet and refreshing, this is a truly tasteful delight 
  • Sunset Cocktail - Enjoy a tropical blaze as if you were at the beach 
  • Banana Ice - Sweet and refreshing, this flavor will definitely make you happy 
  • Grape Ice - Top off an optimal saccharine essence with a kick of revitalization 
  • Pineapple Ice - You get a tart and sweet goodness with an icy overlay here 
  • Strawberry Kiwi - Nothing comes close to a properly balanced, sweet and tart combination 
  • Raspberry Watermelon - It's sweet and it's refreshing 
  • Strawberry Mango - Stick to your roots with a double down on sweetness and a hint of tart
  • Blueberry Ice - From sour to wintry, this flavor is designed to jolt the senses awake 
  • Shake Shake - With this flavor, you get the best of tart, sweet and icy all in one 
  • Watermelon Ice - Double up on your refreshing flavors with a hint of sweetness 

Suorin's mouth-watering Air Bar Diamond:

'Rome has grown since its humble beginnings to the point where it is now overwhelmed by its own greatness.' - Livy

The Air Bar Diamond shares a humble beginning with the original Air Bar, or as we formerly put it, 'the father'. The father's successor was the hero, the Air Bar Lux, and the Diamond version is the humble warrior, known for its greatness. What makes the Air Bar Diamond humble? 

Let's look at the specifications. You get the 'humble', smaller version of the all-grown Air Bar Lux's battery, packed in a 380mAh size in order to satisfy a slightly smaller amount of puffs. Dressed to impress, the prickly veneer of the product boasts a diamond-like profile, enamored by a rich essence that is stunningly appealing to the eye. With 500 puffs per Bar, you get enough to quench your cravings once and for all, before you choose to expose your senses to another delectable flavor. 

The Flashy Kid on the block

Do you know the bejeweled kid with the diamond studded earrings and the flashy, trendy clothes? When it comes to electronic cigarettes, that is what the Air Bar Diamond is. You get to vape the brand new, glistening-in-the-sunlight stunner and look amazing doing it. Put the chassis up to the light and allow your eyes to expose the retina to the entire spectrum of rainbow colors. Take a puff out of it and get the experience of a lifetime, bracing your senses for the authentic fruity bliss that the Air Bar Diamond bestows. So, if you're all about the new trends, look no further than the Air Bar Diamond.

The Flavors:

  • Strawberry Kiwi - Enjoy the quintessence of sweetness and tartness 
  • Watermelon Ice - Sweet and refreshing, you can't go wrong with this flavor 
  • Strawberry Watermelon - From sweet to a mildly fresh kick, this is the epitome of tasteful wonders 
  • Banana Pineapple - Enjoy a mixture of sweet and tart 
  • Cool Mint - Reinvigorate your senses with the true mint
  • Mango Strawberry - Sweet and tart, this is a properly balanced combination 
  • Peach - Enjoy a delectable sweetness with every single puff 
  • Watermelon Candy - This is a fresh and sweet candied flavor you cannot go wrong with 
  • Grape Ice - Sweet and wintry, this mixture is a true tasteful blessing 
  • Banana Ice - Enjoy a sweet essence coated with a wintry wave of freshness 
  • Cherry Cola - Your favorite tart pop is now available in vapor form 
  • Mango - Bring the sweet tropics straight to your senses with this one 
  • Pineapple Ice - Tart and refreshing, this is a true delicatessen 
  • Blueberry Ice - From tart to mildly sweet and refreshing, this flavor will bestow happiness upon you 

Let's wrap it up

So, which Musketeer should you go for? The father? The hero? The humble, flashy kid on the block? Sure, the last one seems like it is paradoxical, but humble beginnings render the end-resulting beauty more scintillating. The hero is one to look up to and idolize, given herein the most amount of puffs that it is capable of offering. And the father is simply the original wayshower, a good option for those seeking out something simple. For the looks, always go for the Air Bar Diamond. For the long lasting genius, seek out the Air Bar Lux. And if you want to keep it simple and discreet, opt in for the traditional Air Bar. At the end of the day, all three proffer incredible flavor options and reliable designs. In other words, all three of the Musketeers are solid, great options to try. If you're looking to redefine your perspective for good, then look no further than all three Air Bars.

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