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Smok Novo vs Novo 2 - which one is better?

We have received many inquiries concerning the SMOK Novo Kit and whether or not it is worth upgrading to SMOK’s latest iteration, the second generation Novo. To answer this question, we need to look deeper into the entire point behind building a starter kit and what its evolution would look like in the first place. A starter kit is generally manufactured in order to help newcomers get their feet wet in vaping, or help established customers save a chunk of change when continuing their hobby. Because the growing industry of vaping is consistently subjected to improvement, the ever popular starter kits continue to face higher manufacturing standards in order to leave the customer less room to complain. As great as the original Novo was, sporting a 450mAh battery and a 2mL liquid capacity, SMOK Tech decided that it was not enough. For example, a highly revered sports car that may be considered the best in the previous year may be deemed by the company as a model that requires improvement while the public yells; “The car was amazing! What else could you possibly improve?” And, with a USB charging system and two SMOK replacement pods, we shared the same sentiment as the general public. Until now. The geniuses behind the engineering decided that their starter kits require some evolving to do, and that's when the Novo 2 stepped on the scene. So, how is it different from its highly hyped predecessor?

Let’s dive deeper into SMOK’s genetics. If you're going to evolve an already revolutionary starter kit, what are some of the key factors you need to zero in on? Often times, new smokers tend to get carried away with vaping because of how much they fall in love with it or how busy the current of their life is and lose track of the low battery icon on their starter kit. But SMOK never lost track of this and decided to amp up their Novo 2 all the way up to 800mAh. That's a battery that lasts nearly twice as long as the first iteration of the model and it doesn't end there! Besides the usual goodies included with the Novo 1, the second generation also comes with a 1.0ohm Mesh Pod and a 1.4ohm MTL Pod. For those not familiar with the aforementioned, a mesh pod is the latest revolutionary approach to expanding the surface area of the coil in order to increase the amount of vapor discharged at once. This produces not only more clouds out of the e-liquid, but also thicker and richer ones. Now, because this generation II option also has an MTL pod, you can take delight in vapor treated professionally with 1.4ohm in order to create an even more pleasurable and smooth vapor that can be enjoyed by your palate and taste buds for extended periods of time. So, when it comes to Novo, which one will it be?

The answer is not as simple as you think, because the Novo I is still an amazing product. It still delivers a smooth and soothing vapor that gets the job done, no ifs, ands or buts. It will still cure your nicotine cravings like a wish come true and it still puts smiles on consumers every single day. The Novo 2 is simply an upgrade with a better battery and a build that delivers more vapor at once that can be enjoyed in your mouth for longer. So, in order to answer that question you would have to look at your deepest needs and compare them to your wants. Do they match? If you're content with the first generation, that is one thing, because there is a lot to be happy with when it comes to Novo 1. But, if you're a new consumer trying to learn around the map of the industry of vaping, spoil yourself with the latest technology and opt in for the Novo 2.


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