WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


From refillable pods to starter kits, check out SMOK Tech sleek designs and try their new products that will beguile your senses every single time no matter what you choose to fill them with.


The future has been delivered at your fingertips. From different e-liquid capacities to different batteries, SMOK Vape gives you all the options you deserve in order to house your favorite juice. Let's go through some of their greatest inventions:

  • Smok Nord Starter Kit Black White - Enjoy this high capacity, premium battery powered device that allows for 3ML of your favorite liquid and is powered by 1100mAh.
  • Smok Nord Replacement Pod -  Infuse these gorgeously polished pods with delicious e-liquid, filling up to 3MLs every single time.
  • Smok Novo Kit Prism Chrome and Prism Blue Cobra - With 2MLs of viable e-liquid capacity and 450mAh of battery power, you can now enjoy your favorite e-juice for extended durations!

This new lineup gives you the freedom of choice when it comes to battery power, liquid volume preference and the ability to select your preferred e-liquid.


When users don't wish to settle for their limited options when it comes to flavors, they opt in to try out SMOK's new lineup. This manufacturer allows for versatility and freedom of choice when it comes to infusing their products with anything you desire. If you're looking to expand your preferences and enjoy a truly qualitative build, look no further. Customers have been purchasing this lineup ever since it came out because it let's them express their authenticity when it comes to flavor preferences without having to compromise.


SMOK is the new impeccable innovator in town and everyone is loving it so far. Discover a myriad of many different refillable pods and starter kits at the Ziipstock Vape Shop. For the lowest prices and the highest qualities, check us out!