WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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R and M Tornado 8000 Vape

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R and M Tornado 8000 Vape: 

  • pre-filled with 16mL of e-liquid
  • 5% nicotine concentration
  • Air Flow Control
  • 1000mAh (rechargeable) battery capacity
  • 8000 Puffs per 1 disposable device
  • Charging: Micro USB Charger
  • Mesh Coil Technology

Rick and Morty 8000 Tornado Recharge Flavors: Melon Ice | Honeydew Ice Cream | Red Apple Melon | Banana Ice | Blueberry Ice | Cool Mint | Grape Orange | Blue razz Ice | Strawberry Kiwi | Pina Colada | Peach Mango | Cherry Lychee | Strawberry Lemonade | Cotton Pear | Skittles Candy | Strawberry Watermelon | Gummy Bears | Sour Apple | Lush Ice | Pomegranate Ice

How many hits is an RandM Tornado 8000 Vape?
- Each RandM Tornado 8k Recharge Device features an estimated 8000 puffs

Just how big can disposable vapes get? The R&M 8000 has pushed the envelope pretty darn far. With a massive 16ml of ejuice, it holds more nic salts than 25 Juul pods. With a nic strength of 5 percent, there are satisfying puffs for days in each Tornado 8K. The 1000mAh battery is big enough for a refillable device and will help adult vapers extract every last drop of delicious eliquid.

Are R and M Tornado 8000 Vape Device safe?
- If you vape with the RandM Vape Tornado 8000 within limits, then it is safer than a cigarette

Can you recharge a R&M Tornado 8000?
- The RandM 8K Tornado Recharge Vape retains its original formatted size but now brings you the ability to recharge, effectively increasing the e-liquid capacity & the puff count!

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