WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

R and M

R and M 12000 Puffs Digital Box Smart Vape

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Discover the strength, creativity, and ease combined in the R and M 12000 Puffs Digital Box Smart Vape. This goes beyond a regular vape device; it offers a captivating sensory journey crafted to enhance your vaping experience. Boasting a range of standout attributes, it represents the pinnacle of contemporary vaping tech, making it an essential for every vaping aficionado.

R and M 12000 Puffs Digital Box Smart Vape: 

- Loaded with 20mL of e-liquid

- Nicotine strength at 5%

- 850mAh battery ready to recharge

- Up to 12,000 puffs in each device

R and M 12000 Flavors:

Cool Mint - A breath of crisp freshness, this flavor gives an invigorating burst of icy mint to elevate your senses.
Watermelon Ice - Dive into a chilling splash of juicy watermelon, perfect for a sun-soaked day.
Grape Ice - A frozen escapade of sweet and tangy grapes, delivering a frosty vineyard experience.
Blueberry Raspberry - A symphony of sweet blueberries and tart raspberries, mingling together for a berry delightful vape.
Strawberry Watermelon - Savor the sweetness of summer strawberries combined with the refreshing burst of watermelon.
Strawberry Banana - A creamy blend where tropical bananas dance with ripe strawberries for a smooth and fruity delight.
Lush Ice - Dive into a chillingly sweet fusion, perfect for those seeking a frosty, fruity sensation.
Cherry - A classic burst of sweet and tart cherries, reminiscent of orchard-fresh delights.
Strawberry Ice - Cool off with a frosty blend of sun-ripened strawberries, a perfect balance of sweet and chill.
Ice Pop - Relive those summer days with a cooling burst that's as refreshing as a frozen treat.
Pink Lemonade - Quench your vape thirst with a zesty, tangy blend of classic lemonade with a rosy twist.
Mango On Ice - A tropical chill of ripe mangoes, delivering a frosty island escapade with every puff.
Mixed Berries - Dive into a basket of nature's finest, with a blend of the juiciest berries.
Strawberry Donut - Indulge in the sweet embrace of fluffy donuts dripping with strawberry glaze.
Strawberry Grape - An unexpected duo where sweet strawberries meet lush grapes for a juicy rendezvous.
Cherry Cola - A fizzy fusion of sweet cherries and classic cola, bringing together a bubbly, delightful experience
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