WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Posh PRO 5500 Disposable Vape

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Discover Posh PRO 5500 Disposable vape pen is operated by a Conical Mesh Coil and rated at 5% or 50mg nicotine content; this disposable device may be used for up to 5500 puffs before needing to be discarded. It has a 14.5mL prefilled capacity.

Box Сontents: One Disposable Vape Bar by POSH

Nicotine Concentrations: 5% nicotine by weight

Posh PRO Vape Features:

  • Disposable (recharge) Vape Bar
  • 5% nicotine
  • 1 Vape Device per package
  • 14.5mL of e-liquid
  • 5500 puffs per pen
  • Conical Mesh Coil

Posh PRO Flavors:

Cranberry Grape: Get ready for a scrumptious taste sensation with a blend of cranberry and grape flavors.

Dragon Kiwi Berry: Get smitten with the delicious combination of dragon fruit and kiwis.

Fuji Apple: crisp and juicy with a hint of tartness and sweetness.

Peach Mango Watermelon: The fresh flavors of peach, watermelon, and mango juice will revitalize your taste buds.

Spearmint: Get to know one of the finest spearmint flavors available in vapor form.

Strawberry Mango: Indulge in a fantastic vaping experience by providing a delicious combination of strawberry and mango.

Strawberry Pina Colada: You can anticipate the classic, delicious flavor of a pina colada from this drink. A frozen pineapple juice with a flavor combination of coconut and strawberry.

StrawNana: When combined, strawberry and banana make a fantastic flavor combination. You'll be impressed with the flavor from the first to the final puff. It combines the sweetest strawberries with the smoothest bananas for a very satisfying treat.

Grape Strawberry: Yummy, fresh, and ripe strawberries and plump grapes

The new Posh PRO 5500 Disposable Vape is an innovative recharging e-cigarette. It's completely different from anything else on the market. There are 9 different tastes available for your vaping pleasure throughout the course of 5500 puffs. The good news is that you can now use a Type-C connector to charge your Posh 5500. This isn't the end, however; the revolutionary technology Conical Mesh Coil that has been included in the Posh Pro Vape 5500 will come as an even bigger shock. Wow, that's terrific, isn't it?

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