Smack Power 4500 Vape
Smack Power 4500 Recharge
Smack Power 4500 Vape Online
Smack Power 4500 Vape Flavor
Smack Power Cherry Raspberry Slushy
Smack Power Vape Cotton Candy
Smack Power Rechargeable Frozen Kiwi Strawberry
Smack Power Vape Frozen Fruit Cocktail
Smack Power Mesh Coil Banana Bread
Smack Power Vape Honey Strawberry Apple
Smack Power Frozen Mint
Smack Power 4500 Vape Frozen Watermelon Raspberry

Smack Power 4500 Vape

Package Сontents: 1 Disposable Vape Nicotine Concentrations: 5% salt nicotine by weight Smack Power 4500 Vape Features: recharge vape device 5% nicotine 1 Device per package 10mL of e-liquid 500mAh recharge battery capacity approximately 4500 puffs  Power Smack Rechargeable Vape Flavors: Honey Strawberry Apple | Cotton Candy |...
Brand: Zalt
SKU: zpstck-641-01
Availability: Out Of Stock
Product Type: Disposables
Flavors: Banana Bread

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