WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Discover the SMOQ Disposable Pod Device, a revolutionary new way to experience the true art of vaping. Its ease of use will leave your senses in awe, desiring for more per every inhalation.


It's a grace to your palate and a peace of mind for your brain. The ground breaking new SMOQ Disposable Pod Device features a myriad of tasty flavors and an easy new approach to vaping. With a design truly devoid of bulky buttons, you will fall instantly in love with the art of simple inhalation. Let's peek inside the world of SMOQ and discover some of their up and coming flavorful options.

  • SMOQ Pod Device Mango: Embrace the tropics at your fingertips with this exclusive feature, allowing for an uncompromising all-around vaping experience.
  • SMOQ Blueberry Disposable Pod Device:  Relish in the goodness of a pungent flavor that will replace your fruity cravings for good.
  • SMOQ Disposable Pod Device Pink Lemonade: A great new take on a classic flavor will have you begging for more despite each inhalation.


Rumors are spreading quickly at the sight and first taste of the legendary SMOQ Disposable Device. The hype is all about SMOQ's new flavorful lineup that grabs the senses and is reluctant to let them go. From fruity essences to classic old flavors, this one has them all. Discover the deliciousness behind this goodness for yourself and we guarantee that you will depart without regrets.


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