WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Mr Salt-E

Vape like your senses depended on it with Mr. Salt-E, an exclusive new epitome of true E-Liquid art. If you're looking to embrace a world of flavor-filled options, then look no further. This salts ejuice brand will redefine your perspective of what vaping can really do to the pleasure-perceiving part of your brain.


Tantalize your senses with a sharp tasting nicotine salt formula that boasts a fair and balanced strength of 4.5%/45mg, enough to show your senses who's boss without making them feel overwhelmed. The lineup of flavors is rich, featuring only the best and most popular options that are optimized to take good care of your cravings. Enough with the talk, let's look at what Mr. Salt-E has to offer.

  • MR. SALT-E MINT E-LIQUID: Revitalize and reinvigorate your senses and palate with this wintry goodness.
  • MR. SALT-E BLUE RAZZ LEMONADE E-LIQUID: Mix the whitebark raspberry with some classic lemonade and you get a sparkling new flavor that redefines your perspective on balancing the essence of sour and sweet flavors.
  • MR. SALT-E STRAWBERRY FUNNEL CAKE E-LIQUID: Your favorite dessert no longer need to be served on a platter, for this sweet deliciousness is now available in a fruity vape form that brings ecstacy to the senses with every single puff.


Mr. Salt-E has recently gained popularity for bringing forth recipes that offer a combination of flavors never before conceived would ever make the trademark. Consumers love the odd combinations provided because many reviews have claimed that Mr. Salt EJuice is a definite master at beguiling the senses with a great balance of opposite flavor profiles. Bestowing upon the palate an unforgettable vaping experience, many definitely come back for more and constantly check the sites for the invention of new unforseen, impeccably tasting combinations.


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