WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Loon Pods

Loon pods take a slightly different approach than other compatible pods on the market. They focus on quality instead of trying to directly compete on price, the result is a consistent experience with every single pack.


Loon is famous for their wide collection of pods, professionally designed to fit any Juul pod device. Loon Pods are made with high quality in mind, allowing for the consumer to discover a new range of flavors that exist alongside the traditional Juul flavor profiles. Try these now and see what all the hype is about for yourself!


Loon Pods are featured with a 5%/5mg nicotine strength, synthesized from a common nicotine- salt formula in order to deliver a medium bodied head rush. Loon stows their vape juices in convenient 1mL Pods. Here are some of the popular flavors within the range:

  • Loon Mo Mango Pods: Overlay your senses with a traditional tropical delight of delectable sweetness.
  • Loon Mint Crush Pods: Experience a refreshing wave of unforgettable sensations upon every inhalation.
  • Loon Ice Blueberry Bliss Pods: When combining a mountain fresh goodness with a pungent berry from the tropics, expect nothing short of a transformational vaping experience.


Consumers love the affordability and generous amount of vape juice held within each Loon Pod. People look forward to expanding their taste profile with the tasty Loon products, for it permits them to explore a whole new range of flavors alongside the classic Juul Pod nomenclature.


Discover the entire nomenclature of purely delicious Pods, beginning with Loon Pods. These pods are created with the consumer in mind, boasting great flavor at incredibly attractive prices. For more great brands, flavors and strength options visit the online Ziip Stock Vape Shop.