WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Access Vapor

Access Vapor Pods have recently claimed a high esteem within the smoker’s community, presenting the market with a nomenclature of delicious alternatives to Juul pods, compatible with Juul devices. Access Vapor pods are notorious for perfection in quality, offering a taste of exquisite flavor with every puff.


Access Vapor Pods are synthesized to render 5% of the famous salt-nicotine formula, featuring a satisfying experience of quenching the nicotine cravings. Each pod is conveniently packaged away into 1mL, featuring a soothing and satisfying vaping session every single time. Below are some popular flavors:

  • Access Vapor Cool Mint Pod: Revitalize your senses with a wave of menthol delivered to your palate in order to filter its perspective on life through the eyes of freshness.
  • Access Blueberry Blast Pod: The pungent blueberry flavor makes itself known through the formation of thick vapor clouds and a soothing aftertaste.
  • Access Vapor Strawberry Pod: Bring yourself back to the strawberry patch with a sweet but piquant vaping session from the some of the tastiest vape juice made on this planet.


Access Vapor Pods sport a great alternative to traditional Juul pods, featuring delectable vape juice and a satisfying vaping experience with every session. Consumers looking to experience new flavors that will satisfy their palate in every way should not pass up on this opportunity to expand their sensual horizons, together with other brands featuring alternatives to Juul pods.


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