WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
EonSmoke Stik - Is it worth it?

EonSmoke Stik - Is it worth it?

Disposable pod devices have been showing up like crazy lately, but are they actually worth it? And more specifically, is the EonSmoke Stik as good as the compatible pods of the same name? Let's take a quick look at some popular flavors from each, and see how they stack up. I'll keep it simple and focus on some of the most popular flavors from each, starting off with blueberry. Right away, as soon as you pop the Stik out of the packaging and take a hit, you can tell, this is gonna be pretty good. The flavor is sweet and aromatic, with a good nicotine hit that you feel in the back of the throat. At 6.8%, I would expect quite a bit more of a nicotine sensation, but yet it's not overpowering and leaves the blueberry plenty of room to shine. Compared to the one-time use pods from Eonsmoke, the flavor is pretty darn close, with maybe a bit more vapor, and slightly sweeter taste. I was able to get pretty close to 2 pods worth of use out of one Stik, and honestly, that's more than I expected, based on the other brands I tried in the past, like Ziip. 

Next, I want to give the Green Apple a try. There isn't really a one to one comparison to the pods, but Sour Apple is pretty close, considering that it's, you know, apple. The Stik is a bit sweeter again, like the blueberry, but that is expected, as this isn't a sour apple flavor. The aroma is fantastic with great, juicy apple notes. The nicotine hit is there, but not overpowering, and not at all what I would have expected from 6.8%, as it's significantly milder and smoother.

Looking over the flavors, and the overall experience, the EonSmoke Stik is well worth the slight price increase over traditional compatible pods, considering the flavor and it is consistent, with a much more aromatic and enjoyable vapor hit.

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